Essay in Global Perspectives and Research (9239)

Students taking Global Perspectives and Research might struggle a lot with writing their first proper academic work which is the Essay (Component 2). Usually, students write informative or descriptive essays up to that moment. They might have heard about argumentative essays; they probably were taught to write them in English classes. You know, when you have a debatable question and then you state why yes, why no, and make your final judgment. ‘Should schools have uniforms?’ ‘Is there a solution to the global warming?’ ‘Can humanity push the life expectancy to 150 years?’ You know those topics.

And then the GP&R Essay happens. You need to talk about perspectives. Those mysterious perspectives: the concept so easy yet so hard to grasp. The synthesis of sources is incredibly hard to do. The source evaluation is tricky and the teacher keeps asking for different criteria… And then you also need to analyse, evaluate, connect, and synthesise time and time again.

The main issue with writing the report is keeping all the requirements in mind. And I have something for you. The file below is a summary of the key requirements collected from the examiner reports. You can use it as a checklist or as a guidance for what needs to be done. Hopefully, it can save you time and add some clarity.

Good luck!