After months of silence, I finally write a new post to put into words the lessons I learned in 2022. Some of them will explain my lack of activity on this site (or pretty much anywhere, if I am to think about it just for a moment longer), some of them will explain why I will do what I will do next year (if anyone both wonders and happens to see this text). I’ll keep it short and while 2022 has been very fruitful on events on any scale, I’ll only address my personal side.

Less is more

Scaling up is not about me. I love keeping things customised, I enjoy working with people whose voices I actually can hear and I should have a chance to see their reaction when something is happening.
Arrange a bigger generalised event or a small one but with carefully picked, personally created from scratch, one-by-one, scenarios – now I know that the second is my way to go. And it’s just the most obvious example from the last month, I have plenty more with the same result and the same lesson learned from it.

People in my life

Working with people; not for, not about, not in relation to. I need to actually see people n-times a week, and have talks with them, over tea or not, but normal conversations not only about the upcoming project or giving feedback as it’s been for a while now because – time.
Now I feel clearer than ever about who in my life brings joy and how later changes led to me cutting those interactions which were so important. I managed to keep some of them, but what is lost is too much.
The saddest part is that I saw that coming but I was hoping to somehow figure it out along the way, on the go. Balancing turned out to be harder than I expected and it backfired harsher than I ever expected.

Perpetual student 

If you don’t see me reading for a while – something is terribly wrong. Normally, I should be avidly checking materials about biology, reading about climate change, studying units from my Chemistry book, watching videos about history, and slowly but steadily doing something related to language learning not to mention preparing my lessons, and much more. So, when none of these takes place, it’s not just a polite notification, it’s a howling alarm going full swing.

In the last year, the list of topics/materials/books/links has grown a lot but I have barely touched upon any of them. Hopefully, with the lessons of 2022 thought over and applied, I will be able to get back to my normal mindset and get to my studies.

If we never met, if you do not know about my life, these lessons might seem too general and commonplace. My intention was to take note for myself, to draft the silhouette of underlining reasons for the next steps and upcoming changes.

May 2023 bring all of us whatever we seek to make us happier, to bring out the best in us on the surface. With the best intentions and big plans, have an amazing new year ahead!