Hello and welcome to my website!

|If we start with the formalities then I should say that I have CPE Grade A, DELTA Module 1, DELTA Module 3 Pass with Merit, CELTA Pass B. Trained Cambridge Speaking examiner. Qualified Teacher Trainer (‘Train the trainer’ course from Cambridge). Degree in Romance-Germanic philology. A bunch of other certificates… Ufff, the official part is over.

Let me introduce myself in a more personal way: I am a Russian who lives in Istanbul and works as a Coordinator and a teacher at an International School. Pretty mixed up, hm? What if I tell you that I also used to work in China, did my CELTA in Thailand and do my best to be a so-called citizen of the world?

Some random facts about me:

  1. If you wonder about my experience, you can check this article
  2. For the last few years in my current and previous school, I have been the teacher of the MUN club and this is something I am not going to give up even if I have to do it way overtime.
  3. I never stop learning and it’s a part of my day-to-day life. Currently, I study a lot to understand how we learn and start putting together some sort of support course for developing learning skills based on how a teen’s brain works.
  4. I always have my reader with me: you never know when it can be handy or if there will be some time to spend, not waste.
  5. The only time I speak Russian is with my parents. All my life now is in English;
  6. My favourite foreign language is French. I have a love-hate relationship with Chinese. Turkish is the language I have been planning to get to a somewhat respectable level for years but I am still really far from it. I see English as my tool of trade but have no special feelings for it.
  7. My SEO readability check constantly shows me a very angry red face as I can never meet the sentence length requirement. As it is right now, for example.

I have a very uneven use of social media and this website has been used over the years on a handful of occasions. Partially, it happened because I am too busy with life and posting here a three-line something does not feel right. This year there seem to be lots of changes going on so the focus of the articles is likely to change a lot and move towards more general topics about education, learning, students, teachers and Cambridge IGCSE/A Level exams as I am slowly moving further from actual teaching with my other responsibilities.